August 5, 2017

Individual responsibilty and communal tolerance and accountability.  The recognition that in the hyper mobile and multi-cultural world in which we live the only path to peace, safety and quality of life is that I will respect you, even if I disagree and firmly require that your right to free speech, thought, belief, practice and control of your own body and choices are inviolable.

White Christian Eurpoeans and you far flung descendants including the American Ruling Class: Your five hundred years of colonialism, imperialism, missionary practices were wrong and based on a false premise of your own superiority.  You are not better than the indigeounous peoples you enslaved and/or subjugated all over the world.  You destroyed cultures that predated you for centuries and millenia.  It is time for you to apolgize and end your belief that you are bringing enlightenment and progess.  It is true that you have been a source of innovation in thought and technoogy, in democracy and that the centralization of wealth, most of it stolen, made your region a source of modernization.  Once you acknowledge the damage caused to others and truly apologize, there will be a chance to move forward together.

Tolerate the religious views of others.  If we are going to hell that’s our problem.  Teach if we ask otherwise leave us alone.  Read your own books.  They say god is love.  By the way Jesus looked and sounded more like Omar Sharif than Peter O’Toole.

All other people of the world.  you have legitimate greviences in your historical narrative but now you have to determine how to live in the present and the future.  The path to peace and properity for you and your people include the rule of law.  Respect for the rights of all people regardless of race, color, gender, ability, religion, orientation, presentation, attitude, appearance, odor, political or futbol club preference to the free exercise of their liberty and self determination.

Arabs:  When the west was in darkest days of the middle ages, your vibrant culture was a beacon of light in this world. Arithmetic, architecture, music poetry flouished in an atmosphere of acceptance and multi culturalism.  If you are muslim, take your religion back from the illiterate fanatics that have narrowed the teacheings of the prophet Mohammed down to slogans and hatred.  Read your own books.  They say God is love. Every child must be educated in a broad and global perspective.  Their talents and interests must be cultivated.  It may take a village to raise them, but not a closed off parochial village of xenophobes.

There is no right of return, there is no lack of resources.  Yeast can be trained to make medicine instead of beer.  We have no reason to fight over land or food or oil.  Scarcity is a lie told by Malthus that does not apply to post industrial world of nano tech, renewable energy and economic creativity in this world.

There is a place for markets but all markets have to be regulated so as to truly be the domain of willing participants.  Hard work and innovation deserve reward but unffettered opportunism and greed are as distructive to productivity as laziness.


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